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Women's Sapphire Full Band Ring SKU:6142037

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Marque : by Jewelems
SKU: 6142037-SS7

This silver 925 luxury looking royal blue eternity band innovative cutting edge technology with  hand polished lab grown sapphire  💎with highest brilliant D color simulated diamond adding more beauty to band which  look like a natural diamond

This  royal blue sapphire are same hardness as natural mined grown sapphire well matched each others that cannot be differentiated from naturally grown gemstone by naked eye,  It is very comfortable to wear everyday use

SKU 6142037

Primary Stone: sapphire

Primary stone Wt :4.68ct

Primary Stone size: 4x5 mm

 Secondary Stone : Cubic Zirconia

Secondary Stone Size: 4x5 mm

Secondary Stone Wt: 4ct

 Treatment : Hydro Thermal

What is hydrothermal treatment ?

One of the most popular methods for creating synthetic emerald is the hydrothermal process, which uses heat and pressure to imitate natural conditions deep in the earth that formed natural gems. Nutrients are dissolved in a water solution with synthetic crystals forming as the solution cools.