Genuine ruby beads Ruby bead necklace ruby gemstone beads ruby fuchsite beads necklace for women ruby necklace Ruby Briolette 8-10 inch long

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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
Type: Ruby
SKU: 111297

Ruby comes from the Latin “rubens” meaning red. It is one of the most precious gems which comes from the family of sapphire. In history, ruby symbolizes power and protection. When worn as a talisman, ruby was believed to help protect warriors in battleRubies have long been considered as a perfect wedding gem. Many cultures consider ruby as a symbol of love, passion, protection and prosperity.Beautiful Natural Red Ruby to make a beautiful wear for the wedding and grand events. Ruby Gemstone, known for purity and good luck is a precious stone that can captivate others and help you create wonder with its true elegance. This is a natural stone so its truly worth the price. This listing includes 2 strands per order*Quality: AAA+ GRADE Color: Brownish Red Transparency: Semitranslucent-OpaqueCut: Faceted Shape:PearTotal Weight- 97 ctLength: 8-10 inches long Stone Size (mm):5-8mm Hardness:9 Treatment:100% Natural   SKU:00111297