Natural Alexandrite Oval Alexandrite June birthstone Alexandrite Gemstone alexandrite Jewelry Supplies color changing 6.5x8.5mm SKU 111426

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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
Type: Alexandrite
SKU: 111426

Alexandrite, a birthstone for the month of June is an extremely rare gemstone discovered in 19th century. This gemstone is considered to bring love, good luck and fortune. Since it is considered as a gemstone that promotes romance, it is greatly used in engagement rings

This listing includes 1 STONE PER ORDER*Picture description (in order): Green Under Fluorescent light, Turn to red different light source. -Type II AlexandriteModerately Included: noticeable inclusions apparent to the unaided eyeThe stone comes with UV light.Color: Green Transparency: Transparent Shape: Oval Total carat weight: 1.8ct Dimensions: 6.5x8.5mm Hardness: 8.5 Clarity: Noticeable Treatment:none   SKU: 00111426.