Aquamarine Natural Aquamarine March Birthstone DIY Jewelry Supplies Aquamarine Gemstone Blue Aquamarine Genuine Aquamarine 4mm 0.40ct 2PCS

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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
Type: Aquamarine
SKU: 111609

Aquamarine is a popular birthstone for March babies that is known to increase courage, happiness, intelligence, wisdom and youthfulness. Besides being one of the favorite gemstones among contemporary jewelry designers, Aquamarine was also used to reduce anxiety and calm nerves in middle ages.Please refer to the details of this listing below.Per Order: 2 STONES**  SKU: 00111609Color: Blue Transparency: Transparent Shape: Round Total carat weight: 0.40ct Dimensions: 4mm Hardness: 7.5-8 Treatment:none