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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
SKU: 108941
This listing includes Around 200ct-500ct.1. 200ctTurquoise, Rose Quartz, Lapis, Chalcedony, Smoky Quartz,.Tanzanite, Ruby. Emerald, mixer of all gemstone drops Shapes plain and faceted,, all has drilled and holes in it, good to start learn your jewelry, sizes 6mm to 15mm  SKU: 001089412. 500ctAventurine, Turquoise, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Azurite, Chalcedony, White Agate., green turquoise, all smooth sizes between 12x10 to 20mm sizes  SKU: 001089423. 200ctSouth Sea Shell Pearls (10,12,14mm)  SKU: 001089434. 200ctLapis, Gold stone, Chalcedony, Serpentine, Quartz, Turquoise.... 6mm to 16mm   SKU: 001089445. 200ctFresh water Pearls 5mm to 15mm   SKU: 001089456. 200ctCoral, Lapis, Onyx, Kyanite, Citrine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Sodalite, Labradorite.... mostly roundell facetted and plain beads 3mm to 10mm   SKU: 001089467. 500ctOnyx, Sodalite, Quartz, Chalcedony., agate, green adventuring,, cornelian, turquise, sizes between 10mm to 30mm mostly smooth plain beads.   SKU: 00108947