Natural Champagne Zircon Gemstone Faceted Zircon Loose Stone December Birthstone Genuine Champagne Zircon 17x9MM EM DIY Jewelry Supplies

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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
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Zircon, a December birthstone was believed to get its name from Arabic word zarkun, meaning “cinnabar” or “vermillion”. In the Middle Ages, zircons were believed to induce sleep, as well as promote honor and wisdom. Zircon was believed to bring prosperity to its owner and drive away plagues and evil spirits
.1 stone per order* Color: Golden Yellow Transparency: Transparent Cut: Rectangular Brilliant Shape: Octagon Total carat weight: 16.52ct Stone Size (mm): 17.11 x 9.83mm Hardness:7.5 Treatment:none Special considerations: Please note all strands are unfinished and ready for customization.   SKU: 00104319*