Natural Prehnite Prehnite Stone DIY Jewelry Supply Prehnite gem Genuine Prehnite Epidot Prehnite Beads 23.53ct 17x11mm ,13x10mm 24.2ct

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Prehnite Gemstone, first discovered in South Africa was named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn who was the commander of the military forces of Dutch Colony at the Cape of Good Hope. Interesting thing about this stone is that it is the first mineral to be named after a historical person. It is also known to alleviate nightmares, phobias and deep fears and brings peace and protection. For details regarding this listing features,

3 stones per order* Color: Light GreenClarity : Eye cleanCut: Tear drop Shape: Fancy Total carat weight: 24.2 ctStone Size (mm): 17x11mm, 13x10mm SKU: 00110379*