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Natural Sphene Titanite Sphene Green Sphene Titanite Sphene Gemstone Green Titanite Faceted Sphene 5.5mm Round Sphene Loose Stone 0.70ct

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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
SKU: 111377
Sphene, the name is derived from the Greek word for “wedge”, because of its typical wedge Shaped crystal structure. Along with its unique Color shades, Sphene brings fire greater than diamond. When you hold this gemstone and turn it in light, some will display flashes of Color, called dispersion. Diamond is famed for this quality, but Sphene has a higher dispersion value than diamond.
1 stone per order* Color: Greenish Yellow Transparency: Transparent Shape: Round Dimensions: 5.5mm Total carat weight: 0.70ct Clarity: Eye Clean Hardness:6.5-7 Treatment:none Special considerations: None  SKU: 00111377