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The name “spinel” comes from the Latin word “spina,” which means thorn or spine. This name was given to this stone because of its resemblance to a thorny branch or spine.

Spinel was first discovered in Sri Lanka. Ancient civilizations were drawn to the stone for its beauty and rarity but also because it had so many practical uses. It was used as currency by metalworkers in India, as well as in trade with China and Africa.

Spinels are formed when natural pressures compress titanium dioxide into a gem-grade crystal. This process can take millions of years as the mineral is compressed into layers of thin-film silicon dioxide. The result is a tough gemstone that can withstand high temperatures without losing its beauty or luster.

Black spinel is the most purist black with no flaws. It has a very dark, almost obsidian-like appearance. This spinel can be found in various shades of black, ranging from jet black to charcoal gray to dark brownish-red, though the most prized are those with a genuine black hue without any tints or shadows of other colors.

This listing includes 2 stones per order Color: Black Transparency: Opaque Shape: Pear Total carat weight: 21.66ct Stone Size (mm): 17x11mm Hardness: 7.5-8 Treatment:NoneSpecial considerations: None  SKU: 00105025

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