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Natural Spinel Spinel Gemstone Genuine Spinel August birthstone Pink SPINEL Faceted Pink spinel Oval 6x5mm 0.81ct 0.84 ctSpinel Loose stone

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Marque : by Planet Gemstones
SKU: 107525
Spinel is regarded as one of the most beautiful and rare gemstone which has been known to exist for thousand of years. This beautiful gem was used in many crown jewels of royal families which is still a big enigma in today’s world. Spiritually, it is known to reduce absent-mindedness and calm our nerves.This listing includes 1 stones per order Color: Pink Transparency: Transparent Shape: Oval Total carat weight: 0.81ct, 0.84 ctClarity: Minute Inclusion Hardness: 8 Treatment:noneSpecial considerations: None  SKU: 00107525, 00107528*All gemstone information guaranteed by our staff GIA Graduate Gemologist.